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Grapefruit Mint Candle

We love the Hempwix candle line that is made locally in Vancouver, Washington. All of the sets are created with custom blended fragrances & essential oils in small batches with 100% coconut soy wax & hemp wix. Using recycled glass jars & phthalate-free, paraffin-free & dye-free, making these eco-friendly. These burn for 80-100 hours.

The Grapefruit Mint is the perfect scent of summer. With scents of grapefruit fused with fresh mint, hints of lavender, & rhubarb. Citrus, mint, thyme & bergamot essential oils further enhance herbal undertones.  

  • 100% coconut soy wax
  • Organic hemp wicks
  • Recycled glass jars
  • Phthalate-free, paraffin-free & dye-free
  • 80-100 hours

Sale price$32.00 USD