Stone Duo Wrap Bracelet & Pin

$39.00 USD

Discover these stretchy wrap bracelets featuring semi precious stones, can be wrapped as a bracelet 4-5 times or 1-2 as a necklace. Plus it includes a beautiful lapel pin, pin it on your clothes, hats or even on a cloth backpack or handbag.

  • Approximately 34" in length
  • Semi precious stone brands, plated brass on a stretch cord
  • Comes on a card with the meaning of each stone.
  • Includes stone lapel pin.

Stone meanings:

Labradorite: Stone of Magic

Amazonite: Stone of Courage

Mexican Onyx: Stone of Confidence 

Aqua Terra: Stone of Peace 

Tourmaline: Stone of Healing

Fluorite: Stone of Brilliance

African Turquoise: Stone of Transformation

Pyrite: Stone of Positive Energy

Blue Sky Jasper: Stone of Empowerment. 

White Jasper: The Supreme Nurturer 

Rose Quartz: Stone of the Heart

Amethyst: Stone of Protection

Rhodochrosite: Stone of Love

Mother of Pearl: Stone of Calm

Turquoise: Stone of Harmony



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