Arktana's Facebook Live Sale 2020

It's almost time, our Biggest SALE of the year - and it's ONLINE
Our Facebook Live Sale is one you will not want to miss and you can join us from anywhere you have access to Facebook!!!
Join us this Tuesday, December 29th for our Facebook Live Sale!!
We will kick off the sale at 8pm sharp!
Whether you are near or far, this online sale is for you!! This is our biggest sale of the year, up to 75% off!! PLUS, this is going to be our BIGGEST live sale yet!! We are going to have inventory from TWO locations!! We will have a great variety of clothing & shoes at a deep discount!! Plus, throughout the sale we will have some fun surprise giveaways!
We hope you will join in, it will be a blast! Please invite your friends too! You can go to our Facebook page & you will see our post about the sale, there you can share it so they can join in too! Once we start & are live, please share the live video with your friends!!

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