Brand Highlight: Bionica

Happy Monday! To kick off this wet and soggy week, we are going to highlight Bionica Footwear. They make the perfect shoes to keep you dry and let you trek around town or hit the trails. 

Bionica is a newer brand to Arktana, but has quickly become a favorite around here! Their shoes are built for adventure seekers, travelers, and outdoor lovers who don’t want to sacrifice style. Bionica Footwear uses the highest quality leathers and materials to create performance outsoles that keep you grounded and provide slip resistance while also being super flexible, giving you the freedom to get out and move. 

Bionica is all about comfort, using the latest innovations in technology to bring ultralight outsoles. They believe that your shoes shouldn’t weigh you down and want to provide you with the ultimate footwear that's perfect for whatever your plans call for, whether it be a hike, yoga retreat, or adventure around town to do some shopping.

We’ve had a ton of fun styling these boots with our winter collection. So much so that we’re doing a giveaway for a FREE pair of our favorite boots, the Diablo! Stay tuned for an Instagram post this week with all the details and of course, good luck!!!

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