Meet the Designer: Deborah Funches

Meet the Designer: Deborah Funches

Deborah Funches Jewelry is designed & created in her Camas, WA studio. She started her business in 2006, creating primarily pieces with bright colors, fun florals & heavy vintage influence.. Over the years, the line has transformed into a boutique collection that features many one of a kind and limited release pieces. Throughout the evolution of her line, Deborah has always emphasized on the vintage feel.

Deborah's focus is to design unique jewelry, each piece as individual as the wearer. Each season she looks for new color stories & new design elements to incorporate into her line while remaining true to brands timeless fashion.

Deborah creates beautiful earrings & necklaces featuring natural stones & crystals. We will be launching our latest collection of Deborah Funches Jewelry on Facebook Live Thursday, April 9th at 8pm. All of her new pieces will be available for purchase online!


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