Spring Trends: Romanticism & femininity

Romantic details & femininity go hand in hand and this Spring we're seeing it take over!! Everything from beautiful floral & paisley prints to the simple added details such as puffed sleeves or smocking. Adding these details to feminine, classic silhouettes make this trend easy to wear & translate into our everyday wardrobe.

Along with printed skirts, there are blouses that you can pair with your denim- blue or white!! This is an easy way to incorporate feminine details in your everyday wardrobe. 
And the sweaters have a fresh, updated look! Slightly cropped & simple feminine details such as pointelle stitching & fun sleeves. These are beautiful with skirts, denim & so much more!

If feminine prints aren't your style, you can still follow this romantic trend by incorporating the updated pastel shades such as blush pink & sky blue.

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