Creating Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe

I’m definitely guilty of over packing when I travel, I want to make sure that I have an outfit for all occasions & any possible weather! I have learned some tips & found some pieces that make my packing easier & more efficient. Here we are going to talk about how to avoid over packing & maximizing our suitcase space.

Whether your going on a trip for 3 days or 2 weeks the same rules apply, you need to find pieces that will mix & match to optimize the space in your suitcase. The key to packing is to create a clothing capsule- this will consist of pieces that will work together to create a lot of different outfits with a limited number of pieces. Just because we are packing less items does not mean we are going to sacrifice your style at all! Sticking to a color theme makes all this so much easier too, so consider picking 3 colors and just staying in that color group for the trip.  You can add more colors by adding 1 scarf with several colors and use it with all our outfits.

Here we are going to show you several outfit ideas by using them same pieces several different ways.

We took this black top, we call it our “favorite top” because the fabric has an amazing drape & it looks phenomenal on everyone! First we paired it with a pair of Spanx denim & some sneakers for a casual look. Great outfit for a day of sightseeing.

One of our favorite combos for this top is to pair it with this knit black skirt- together these create the look of a little black dress (and for only $60!). For a day look, pair it with some flat sandals & a denim jacket! This is cute & casual! We accessorized with a scarf, just incase it was a little chilly that day- again this is an easy way to add some color to you look.

Now to get ready for a night look, we will pair the “favorite top” with the black skirt again- this time we switched out our backpack for a crossbody body & added more jewelry. If you wanted, you could even switch your shoes to a heel or wedge for a little extra height!

We took our knit black skirt again (this skirt is only $25!) & paired it with a fun printed blouse. We decided to do a front tie here but you could wear it buttoned down instead if that is more our style. You can throw on a denim jacket if it's chilly or at night when you need another layer.


This blouse is also so fun paired with white denim! We paired it with the sandals we chose for our capsule but you could also wear the sneakers or wedges!

Take your white denim & make them more casual! We chose to add a basic knit tank! This tank is made with awesome, breathable material & is long enough to cover your bottom. For an option during cooler weather, we added our denim jacket & scarf.



For our final looks we took a knit dress & created 3 different looks for day or night! First we went super casual & added sneakers, denim jacket, & backpack! This is great for during the day when you are going to be out & about exploring!

For the evening, we paired the dress with our sandals (could do heels or wedges also) & a wristlet! For a cooler evening, we took our scarf & made it into a shawl. This is a great way to add some color & a little warmth for a chilly night. 


In total we created 11 looks but there are more possibilities of mixing & matching these items! The key is to choose neutral items that can mix & match together and use accessories to add color! If you need any help creating a travel capsule (or just everyday wardrobe) we would love to help you!

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