Fall 2019 Footwear Trends

Some of us wear boots and sneakers year-round, but when Fall officially hits I get so excited to pull out all my fall shoes and boots! Each year styles change a bit, and that keeps it fun! Shoes can change up any outfit drastically, be looking for the pointed toes to get more squared and the animal prints you saw last year are back in even a bigger way. Animal prints are considered more of a neutral than a pop now; you can wear the print like a basic black. V-cuts are more than just for your neckline, V's are moving to your feet, they taper to reveal more of your foot, and they elongate your leg, wearing our V cut heel packs a punch and looks fantastic. A platform loafer or a more typical loafer with a squared-off toe both partner perfectly with jeans, skirts, or trousers. The loafers this year are coming back in a big way! Boots with bright colors and buckles add a pop to any outfit. We have many bright boots in this season, green, navy, purple, and deep rich browns. Buckles enhance the pop! The classic 1.5" heeled mule is a must-have for sure, I feel like every closet needs a great classic mule, our Trask mules tick all the boxes, style, fit, comfort and color! We have our classic mule in sand and black, pick your favorite color, just make sure you pick one!

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